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Outstation & Overseas Travel Management Solution (eTravel)

End-to-End Travel Management Solution

RSolutions eTravel delivers a robust travel solution to its customers and makes sure that the needs of the customer are satisfied and is delivering a planned, strategic, e- travel solution that caters to all the customer's needs within one platform. RSolutions eTravel Management is a one stop solution for all transport / travel related requirements be that reimbursement, booking cabs, checking availability, etc. It integrates and streamlines transportation planning, execution, payment, and business process automation in a single application.

You can view and manage the entire travel under these heads:

  • Travel/Trip Expense (Dynamic)
  • Petrol Reimbursement (Dynamic)
  • Local Conveyance Booking System (Dynamic)s

Outstation & Overseas Travel Management (eTravel)

Travel/Trip Expense

Travel / Trip Expense management allows employees to plan their trips, get approvals and after travel, claim their expenses using a good workflow solution.

Solutions comprises of Pre & Post Travel modules to enable better control of Travel requests and utilization of organizational funds. Key features are

  • Trip & Ticket Booking Request & Processing
  • Advances Request
  • Expense Filling and Submission and Approval
  • Release of Travel Expenses
  • Reporting

RSolutions Products

Petrol Reimbursement

Allow employees to fill their daily petrol expenses based on their daily call report and also based on their eligibility.

  • Daily Call Report Filling
  • Setup of Eligibility within system
  • Entering of Petrol Expenses Based on Eligibility
  • Workflow
  • Release of Expenses
  • Reporting