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Employee Self-Service Management Solution (eESS)

Flexibility, Reusability & Easy to Customize Report

Over the past few years, companies have begun to recognize the benefits of ESS for accomplishing routine tasks. Web-based ESS installations gained momentum in large organizations throughout the late 1990s as companies sought to reduce costs and improve service to employees, according to a white paper from Best Software, Inc.. With the growing usage of IT, it has become very important that our processes are on par with the growing speed and ever-changing demands of information technology.

Employee Self-Service provides employees the ability to view and perform relevant information & tasks such as:

  • Updating personal Information (Personal, Education, Family, Work & Others)

  • View leave quota

  • Submit personal leave applications, view approval and calendar

  • Submit time sheets

  • Perform daily Punch in/out

  • And many more features that are accessible based on user privileges

Employee Self-Service Management Solution (eESS)