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Sales Automation Solution (eSAS & eMIS)

End-to-End Sales Automation Solution

To cope with the growth in market space, clients today have expanded the sales team in recent years. Today, every organization needs an advanced Sales Force Automation System to handle all related requirements including, sales enquiry, contact management, policy information and generation, agency ordering, sales cases monitoring, sales training management..etc. And the system needs to be run on multiple devices: desktop, laptop, tablet, as to fulfil the actual needs of the employees. The data is shared across the management, but agents, as individual business entity, shall be allowed to access restricted information, so data access control and security are also major considerations in the system design.

Sales Automation Solution (eSAS & eMIS)

Key Features

  • Data Bank of all Customers with Customer & Contact Management Tool
  • Employee Master Maintenance with User Rights Creation
  • Products/Services Master Maintenance
  • Pre-Sales Processes
    • Yearly Budgets (To be decided for both Air & Ocean Imports and Exports)
    • Minutes of Meeting
    • MTSS Air (Export & Import)
    • MTSS Ocean (Export – LCL/FCL & Import – LCL/FCL)
    • Sales Forecast
    • Weekly Sales Call Plan
    • Weekly Sales Plan
    • Target Customer List
    • Daily Call Report
  • Sales Processes
    • Inquiries capturing and processing
    • Quotation Generation
    • Customer Order Capturing (Basic info capturing)
  • Post-Sales Processes

    • Sales Staff Performance
    • Weekly Branch Performance
    • Performance Monitoring and Reporting Tool


  • Clear sales case tracking.
  • Automated data presentation.
  • Customer enquiry system.
  • Created to computerize manual operations in clinics.
  • Company library.
  • Auto-ordering system.

Benefits of using RSolutions eSAS:

  • Clear sales case tracking and performance monitoring improve sales forecasts accuracy
  • Automated data presentation greatly increases the agent's efficiency of work and create better image to customer
  • Auto-ordering system enhances the communication between agent and the company, also increases work efficiency in order processing
  • Customer enquiry system provides direct information for customer access which greatly increases customer satisfaction and services levels
  • Company library provides agents with handy access to required resources which not only increase their ease of work but also presents a good image of the company.

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