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Meeting Room Reservation Solution (eMRR)

End-to-End Meeting Room Reservation Solution

There's nothing more frustrating than showing up for a meeting only to discover someone else is already using the room you thought was available. Next time, don't get left out in the cold. The RSolutions e- Meeting Room Reservation comes with an automotive way to organize and manage the scheduling of conference rooms, meeting rooms, and office spaces with a vast amount of scheduling options for multiple locations within the company.

This makes the scheduling easy & convenient. Your management can generate reports to analyze activities, allocate departmental costs and prepare reports accordingly.

Meeting Room Reservation Solution (eMRR)

  • Instant booking of meeting rooms.
  • Maximize the utilization of corporate assets.
  • Eliminate reservation confusion.
  • Simplify the allocation and administration.
  • Instant booking of meeting rooms, conference rooms, studios, and other facilities anytime anywhere.
  • Allows self-service booking by all staff or/and clients to help reduce administration overhead and costs.
  • Reservation visuals for checking and booking reservations, which removes the potential for scheduling conflicts.
  • Create one-time or recurring reservations for quick, time friendly scheduling.
  • Maximize the utilization of corporate assets and services, including meetings rooms, catering services, and equipment.
  • Eliminate reservation confusion and double bookings.
  • Simplify the allocation and administration of shared resources.
  • The entire software has proved to be cost-effective and gives greater returns in terms of optimal utilization of office space and assets.