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Online Magazine Management Solution (eMagazine)

An Online Directory for the benefit of Customers

eMagazine Online Solution from RSolutions allows any magazine to be converted to an Online Magazine with various interesting features.

Online Magazine Management (eMagazine)

Some of the key features of eMagazine are

  • Complete Magazine Section that can be updated on a monthly or bi-monthly basis

  • Can be linked to Payment Gateway and the Complete Magazine would be available online after Registering for the Magazine Online. (Fees will be charged.)

  • AD area on all it's pages. This would be used for Revenue Generation.

  • An Online Directory for the benefit of Customers. (Will act as one stop for all.)

  • Help SMEs have an online presence or SEPERATELY provide a link to the e-Magazine. With this, the customer will also be listed in our Online Directory.

  • e-Magazine solution can also have an online portal with everything related to Construction can be bought or sold. (This can act as a bidding zone, deal zone, buying zone, renting zone, and more.)

  • Students Corner section will be elaborated and lot of contents would be provided to students either free or charged at a low cost or on subscription basis. To help students, we can provide CHAT, PODCAST, BLOGS and Video on Demand and so on.

  • A section for people who want to showcase their research papers online.

  • Can have a complete Online Certification with online courses and certificates would be provided. Even students can be recommended for Internship and can be assisted for placements.