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Library Management Solution (eLibrary)

End-to-End Solution Library Management Solution

The library management system (eLiabrary) provides the core functionality for running a library including acquisitions, cataloging, and circulation functions. Supporting the eLiabrary requires managing all of these different software components. Advancements in software technologies and, especially, Internet technologies have created more sophisticated systems, and more demanding users.

Therefore, the people managing library software systems also need to be more savvy. When properly administered, these complex and robust systems provide libraries opportunities to creatively mash-up solutions that greatly improve the experience for the client as well as staff.

Library Management Solution (eLibrary)


  • Cost savings.

  • Improved resource-sharing opportunities.

  • Providing a higher quality system staff.

  • Better bibliographic control.

  • Streamlining library workflows.

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The key benefits of sharing a library system in the context of today’s technological environment. The benefits include:

  • Cost savings,

  • Improved resource-sharing opportunities,

  • Providing a higher quality system staff,

  • Better bibliographic control,

  • Streamlining library workflows,

  • Optimizing the client experience,

  • Eliminating routing slips and pre-sorting,

  • Adding value to the franchises