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Integrated HR Suite of Applications (eHR Suite)

One Packed Application to all your Organization needs.

eHR Suite delivered electronically, allows employees to perform traditional ‘HR tasks’ on their own, at any time, from their browser. The basic scope of transactions of our eHR covers personnel processes such as the maintenance of personal data, registration for training courses, the booking of travel and accommodation, time administration and the submission of expenses.

However as a complete HR Solution, our eHR offers reduced costs, increased productivity of staff and their managers, more access to information and control for employees, and the opportunity to provide ‘value added’ HR.

eHR Suite

e-HR Suite is an Integrated Suite of 14 products required for an organization.

  • eRecruitment (Internal Recruitment)
  • eTravel (Outstation & Overseas Travel Management)
  • eConveyance (Local Conveyance Management)
  • eAppraisal (Performance Appraisal)
  • eLeave (Leave Management)
  • eLearning (Online Learning Management)
  • eAsset (Asset Management)
  • eDMS (Document Management)
  • eHelpdesk (Helpdesk Management)
  • eRequisition (Internal Requests Management)
  • eESS (Employee Self Service)
  • eExitProcess (Ext Process)
  • eHRIntranet (HR Intranet)
  • eLibrary (Librarary Management)
  • eMRR (Meeting Room Reservation)