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Extranet Management Solution (eExtranet)

End-to-End Extranet Management Solution

RSolutions eExtranet Tool is a bundle of solutions that help you connect with your business partners. It helps in establishing complete transparency between company and business partners.

Extranet Management Solution (eExtranet)

The solution comprises of over 100+ features. Some key features are

  • Complete Employees, Business Partners, Technicians and other users integrated in the same platform. Detailed information can be captured.

  • Configuration of company hierarchy (Region, CRC, BP Location, etc.)

  • Complete Products Integration

  • Online Circulars and other documents circulation

  • Online Learning & Evaluation Tool for Employees, Partners and Technicians

  • Critical Spares Ordering System

  • Online CHAT Integration

  • Feedback Solution

  • Service & AMC Tracking

  • BP Helpdesk with Escalation & Reporting Services

  • Many more such features