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Claim Processing Solution (eClaims)

Efficient. Accurate. Professional.

Forget inefficient spreadsheet reporting and lengthy calculations for tedious benefits and claims management. eClaims module streamlines centralized HR management by automating accounting processes, limits and policy tracking of complex benefits, and eliminating intensive expense management. Our web-based module sets up rapidly and integrates with other modules such as the ERP-friendly Payroll module, to ensure ultra efficient submission, tracking, processing, approval and management of various claims reports.

Expense management is no longer an auditing nightmare. The slick dashboard of the Benefits and eClaims module incorporates innovative features to accommodate user-defined, configurable and in-policy claims reporting. Automate eligibility monitoring by implementing multiple controls, tracking employee expenses in real-time and eliminate costly policy breaches.

Claim Processing Solution (eClaims)

For employees, our module easily captures expense-related information, simplifying claims requests and approval processes, and accurately reimbursing entitlements. Our comprehensive module also retrieves individual claims history and balance efficiently, keeping employees satisfied and up-to-date with efficient retrieval of individual claims history and balance.

The smart and powerful features of the eClaims module support in-trend industry policies which HR managers can enforce in a matter of minutes.

Key features of eClaims are

  • Employee Master Maintenance with User and User Right Creation
  • HR Automation Process
  • Tour Planning, Approval Workflow, Post Tour Activities Reporting, Expense Claim Processing and Reporting Services
  • Employee Other Claims with Approval Workflow, Monitoring and Reporting Services (Other Claims included are Toll, Parking/Transponder, Entertainment, Present & Gift, Staff Refreshment. Separate forms for each of these with individual workflows can be incorporated.)
  • Telephone & Petrol Reimbursement with Approval Workflow, Monitoring and Reporting Services
  • Dashboard to be provided to check all information at once.

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