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Asset Management Solution (eAsset)

Accuracy & Easy to customize reports

RSolution's eAsset is a web-based asset management system that helps you manage and monitor your organization's office assets from "cradle to grave". Every employee can view the list of assets they own (e.g. PC, mobile phone), transfer these assets and perform an online stocktaking.

We understand that the key pain points in implementing an asset management software solution are the accuracy and completeness of data in the asset registry and the ease of producing relevant reports. Thus we have made our software solutions easy to import data, easy to integrate with other systems, and easy to customize reports.

Asset Management Solutions help businesses and government agencies manage their business operations more efficiently and achieve better financial results.

Asset Management Solution (eAsset)

  • Web-based asset management system.

    • Asset Request from employees

    • Purchase Order to vendor

    • Asset Receipt

    • Asset Allocation

    • Asset Movement

    • Asset Written-Off

  • Accuracy and completeness of data in the asset registry.

  • Easy to customize reports

RSolutions Products

Benefits of using RSolutions eAsset:

  • Reduce costs by preventing buying of excess equipment or replacing lost equipment.

  • Improve operational efficiency by having visibility to your enterprise equipment and assets, all the time.

  • Reduce enterprise risks by meeting reporting requirements from government, contracting organizations, and grant administrators.