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Performance Appraisal Management Solution (eAppraisal)

Increase Employee Performance

RSolutions eAppraisal helps organizations recognize the right talent and acknowledge their efforts in the right way so as to bring harmony in the system and increase employee performance in the right way.

With this facility at your finger-tips, the organizations can now ensure their employees get continuous feedback, direction and training they need to be engaged in performing high. Every member of your workforce gets to better understand what's expected of them, see how they are helping the organization succeed, make their contributions more visible, and take charge of their own career development. This also makes managers tackle these previously dreaded responsibilities with ease.

Performance Appraisal Management (eAppraisal)

Key Features are

  • Employee Master Maintenance with User Right Creation
  • Yearly Performance Appraisal of Employees (Staff & Managers) with Approval Workflow and Monitoring
  • Reporting Services
  • Dashboard to be provided to check all the information at once.


  • Recognize the right talent.
  • Acknowledge their efforts.
  • Bring harmony in the system.
  • Increase employee performance.